About Us

We have been in herbal medicine and related products for about 9 years with the experienced buyer and reliable and stable suppliers. You can buy good products at the competitive price on our site and enjoy good service as well. The group of major products and brief as fellows;

Herbal Viagra: selected herbal ingredients Viagra product is effective and safely. For example, the Strong herbal Viagra, Vegetal vigra work as well as Cialis and Levitra and their price special discount.

Male enhancement: Unsatisfied with penis’s size or want to perform better? There are many enhancement products for you choose from. The external use enhancement oil and oral tablets can make penis stronger, longer and larger at once and let you feel more self-confident and more excited during sexual intercourse.

Sexual Impotence: There are classic the Chinese traditional formulation for curing impotence caused by kidney and sperm deficient and tonic for middle-age male to strengthen kidney power and eliminate fatigue to improve the male energy loss, impotence premature ejaculation and sexual desire loss.

Male Disease: We provide several herbal medicines for common male disease, such as urinary tract infection, bladder’s problems, urinary stones, VD and so on.

Love Philter: Selected aphrodisiac product increase sex drive in women and increase the sexual desire and sexual energy and libido, more pleasure when touched and more powerful and frequent orgasms.

Female disease: There are many kinds of traditional Chinese medicine with long history and clinical effect for menstrual problems, uterine diseases, gynecological inflammation, female infertility, menopause problems and breast diseases.

Weight loss: there are two kinds of slimming items in our store. One is diet pill be the appetite suppressant and help loss weight fast, such as Sulilight Natural Capsule, fat dissolving pill, Qumei slimming capsule, MZT diet pills; another kind is slimming coffee and slimming herb tea to help you control fit daily.